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The benefits from California’s new emissions targets continue to expand with more Californians(and beyond) set to benefit. Fossil fuel special interests will vilify cap-and-trade programs purely based on costs, without giving even passing notice to the positive outcomes.

First, they passed legislation allocating $900 million already collected in the state’s carbon auctions to projects such as clean transportation, urban forestry, home weatherization and solar power that will benefit underserved California communities. California Extends Climate Fight to Help Disadvantaged Communities Battling Poverty and Pollution
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“We are excited for the passage of AB 1550 because it will, for the first time, mandate that clean air and energy projects benefit low-income people across California,” said Chelsea Tu, Staff Attorney for Public Advocates.

Growing beyond the cleaner air and ancillary public health benefits are monetary aids to programs benefiting poor communities.  

Home weatherization programs, vehicle upgrade offers for older gross polluters and solar panel systems being made available to poorer neighborhoods. These clean energy alternatives are the positive sort of trickle down economics that bring more into the fold.

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