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Solar Maintenance

The quality of your solar installation will have a great impact on the value you get from your investment. Considering the fact that this is a long-term investment, it’s important to ensure you do everything right at the onset to avoid unnecessary problems and unplanned costs in the future.

Any homeowner would want to find ways to lower the initial cost when they install solar panels. Unfortunately, many tend to do this by cutting corners as far as the installation process is concerned. The problem is that this later results in numerous problems that costs them even more than they supposedly saved during installation.

Here are some of the common problems that often go undetected during installation, but that result in high unplanned costs later on:

1. Roof damage

Unfortunately, an inexperienced solar installer will likely treat your roof like a construction site. Dragging panels across the roof or dropping tools carelessly could easily lead to penetrations and leak. Additionally, debris that is left behind following installation will contribute to clogged drains. Here’s a helpful resource that would be helpful as far as leaks go:

Will Solar Panels Make My Roof Leak?

roof solar panels

MJ Monty

You’re looking to install rooftop solar panels, you’ve chosen a solar installation company to do the job, and the equipment is going to be installed securely. So, what happens when it rains? Will the roof leak because you put panels on it?

In short, no. Here’s why. Read full post here…

2. Interrupted water flow

One of the basic functions of your roof is to direct any water away from the building efficiently. Solar panel installation should never compromise this basic function, but this is not always the case. Solar panels may be installed with no regard for this, so that the racks and wiring interrupt drainage, which could lead to leaks and other problems.

3. Unsuitable roof

If you’re going to make the most of your solar panels, your roof needs to provide the right conditions for them. For instance, the life of your solar panels should be about the same as the remaining life of your roof. An old roof with about 10 good years left will not adequately support new panels with a 20-year prospect.

Additionally, the roof should be able to support the weight of the solar array and foot traffic involved during installation. These factors are often overlooked, leading to penetrations and leaks soon after.

4. Ignoring the neighbors

Solar panels may be great for you, but you can’t overlook any potential problems they may cause your neighbors. Any disturbances to your neighbors may lead to complaints that could mean problems for you. A good example of this recently occurred in Littleton:

Solar panels cause problems for neighbors in Littleton

LITTLETON, Co. – Solar panels are causing a big problem for one homeowner in Littleton after a set in his neighbor’s backyard started glaring into his home. Now that homeowner is asking for tighter regulations.

Stacey Hodapp takes a lot of pride in his backyard. He and his wife have lived in their Littleton home for almost 20 years. They say they cannot enjoy it anymore though because of a set of solar panels on the other side of their fence. When the sun hits the panel, it reflects like a mirror. Read full article here…

5. No warranty or maintenance plan

Any roof requires regular inspections and maintenance, and this becomes even more important when solar panels are installed. Panels covered in dust or pools of water will not give you your money’s worth. Additionally, we’ve already seen that the installation process can trigger other problems, so it’s best to get a valid warranty for roof repairs where possible. It is also advisable to have regular roof and solar panel maintenance carried out to prevent serious problems.

All these problems can easily be avoided by working with reliable professional solar installers that understand everything that goes into proper installation. Contact us today for further information or advice.